December 16, 2019, 01:38:32 PM

Registration Agreement

Forum Rules

 1. The language of the forum is ENGLISH. Do not post messages in any other language than English. Postings with other languages will be deleted.

 2. No abuse/abusive language is allowed, no racism, no nationalistic things allowed. Banned words are banned for a reason, misspelling will result in a ban.

 3. If you are posting predictions, please mention the reason for your picks, not just "Barcelona will win" !. A reasonable explanation is required. You don't need to perform an analysis, but a few lines of text will do fine.

 4a Read through the message titles on the forum page before posting your message, please decide whether your message can fit into an existing thread or if you need to begin a new thread.

 4b NO topics starting with: "John's weekend picks", "Lennon's weekend specials", or other things like that. Everyone can see that it looks stupid, and immature.

 5. If you follow the picks of someone from the forum this is done by your own choice, and your own risk. Do not come back to this forum and make an unwarranted attack on someone, as it will be dealth with seriously.

 6. Explain your message in the title.The title of your messages is the most important part as it tells the visitors what they are going to read. Never start a message header with "How about...", or "What do you think". BE DESCRIPTIVE, see point 4a in the post.

 7. Behave like grown-ups. The moderators don't want to spend much of their day cleaning up this forum, as this forum should be a good place for all to share information and predictions. No childish behaviour will be tolerated.

 8. DON'T even bother to advertise your site, or other sites by posting one line with a pick, and then a link to the analysis somewhere else. THis is hidden advertising, and posts like this will be deleted.

 9. NO OFFENDING Avatars, meaning no porn, no nazi, no special symbols that have an offending meaning. AND, avatars should be no bigger than 80x80 pixels, otherwise they may destroy the design (tables).Break of this rule may lead the admin to block you from publishing avatars.

 10. DON'T use pictures in your signature, as it slows the forum down.It is not aloud to use website links in your signature!!!
 Also, DON'T use big letters, coloured letters, apparant advertising, and apparant stretching the rules of this paragraph.
 The main point is that a signature is a small gesture which personalizes a forum, it should not be more visible than the post itself!!

 11. These rules may change with time !!