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vmlinuz: Suggestions
If you have any ideas don't keep them to yourself. If it's possible, we'll implement all interesting ideas.

To be honest, I'm a great fan of, so I'm really excited about this new forum feature!

I have been using your system since the beginning of 2009 and I found these ideas would make your site much useful:

I'm using your site for soccer matches, so primarily I will talk about it.

1. When I check a preview of a league match, I can not see the teams' previous matches in the cups. It would be great to see the teams' previous matches whether these matches were in the national cup or in the international cup. (At present I have to search for the team on a different sub-page to see these results)

2. A database of injured players would help me a lot.

3. Detailed list of goal scorers and players who gave assists would be another very great option.

These are just my first impressions. I guess, you will receive a lot of inputs in the next months, so you have to be selective.
Good luck for your job!

I'm looking forward the developed!


Thanks for the suggestions. The first one can be implemented, but the other two can't at this point (we don't have the data for it), maybe sometime in the future.


thank you for such great site  :)

And now some ideas:

1. From here: leagues Manchester United I can easy go here: team Manchester United ("Team profile" link) but how to come back?

2. "All results" pages like All results Premiership option to show matches grouped by days only.

3. Page for countries simillar to Premiership. Maybe under link like, can show only "Next matches".

4. Search box on compare pages.

5. Compare page: when click on some game "Score" box apear, and now when I click on next score previously showed box should disapear and new opened.

6. In Rating Systems (pdf from you can find interesting study about mutual matches, maybe you can somehow merge it with yours "Form difference" and predictions algoritm.

That's everything about what I think now.

Thanks for these suggestions, I'll work on them.


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