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bwin - Money Back Special
« on: April 03, 2013, 02:19:29 PM »
bwin - Money Back Special

Goal direct from a free kick = Money Back!

Malaga began the season in financial turmoil but find themselves in Champions League dreamland as Dortmund arrive. If a goal is scored direct from a free kick we'll refund certain losing bets!

The thrills and EUR 250 for you. The risk for us.

From time to time, you have to do something extraordinary, something outstanding. And that’s what we have done. And we have called it the "Money Back Specials".
Take your betting excitement to a new level

Imagine the situation – our bookies select special events and assign a Money Back Special condition. Here's an example:

"Real Madrid – Manchester United: we will refund losing single bets if Ronaldo scores a goal at any time during the game!"

You will then get your stake back, up to EUR 50, if you lose your bet and the Money Back Special condition is met. Extraordinary enough?

Up to EUR 250 back per event!

On the selected Money Back Specials events, you can choose from these kinds of bets:

Who will score the first goal of the game? (Regular time)

Who will score the last goal of the game? (Regular time)

Which player will score 2 goals or more in the game? (Regular time)

Which player will score 3 goals or more in the game? (Regular time)

Goal bet (Regular time)

For every bet you place on our selected bet types, you can get up to EUR 50 back in bonuses – that’s a total of up to EUR 250 per event! So let’s talk about win-win as we give you some extra thrills while we take on some extra risk.

Bet on bwin HERE!