Local derbys

The term local derby, or simply just derby means a fixture between two, generally local, rivals. The outcome of these matches can often be hard to predict and surprises are frequent (e.g. the weaker team wins).


AS Roma vs. Lazio Roma

Both teams play in the same stadium and there's always chaos in the stadium when these two rivals meet. Draws are frequent.

Ac Milan vs. Inter Milan

San Siro (Giusseppe Meazza) is the stadium used by both teams. The outcomes of these matches are hard to predict.

Ac Torino vs. Juventus Torino

Same stadium is used by both teams. Draws are rare between these two. Even though Juventus is a stronger team, Ac Torino can cause them some headaches.

Sampdoria vs. Genoa

Draws are frequent between these two.


Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid

This is called the "Madrid Derby". Both teams have their own stadium. It's usually hard to predict the outcome, usually one of the teams wins (draws are rare).

Real Madrid vs. Fc Barcelona

Also called the "El Clásico", this derby is between the most successful and influential football clubs in the country. Real Madrid won most of these matches against Barcelona, but you can't rely on this in your prediction.

Espanyol vs. Fc Barcelona

Both teams have their own stadium. Fc Barcelona wins most of these matches and draws are rare.

Betis Sevilla vs. Fc Sevilla

The same stadium is used by both teams, but they usually play in different leagues. Betis is somewhat stronger but draws are frequent.


Wimbledon vs. Crystal Palace

Same stadium, weird results. Avoid this bet.

Stoke vs. Port Vale - Potteries derby

Different stadiums, results are hard to predict.

Norwich vs. Ipswich - East Anglia derby

The home team usually wins.

West Bromwich Albion vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers - Black Country derby

One of the oldest rivalries in football, matches are tough.

Sheffield United vs. Sheffield Wednesday - Steel City derby

Hard to predict the result.

Liverpool, Everton, Tranmere - Merseyside derby

This derby is usually played between Liverpool and Everton but sometimes Tranmere is included during cup ties and can cause problems for Liverpool or Everton even if it's a smaller team. Draws are not frequent.

Manchester United vs. Manchester City - Manchester derby

Special local derby. Manchester United is the better team.

Bristol City vs. Bristol Rovers - Bristol Derby

Tough matches between two local teams. Most wins: Bristol City.

Middlesbrough vs. Sunderland - Tees-Wear derby

Newcastle United vs. Sunderland - Tyne-Wear derby

The team playing on home ground has the advantage.

Aston Villa vs. Birmingham - Birmingham derb

Though matches, draws are rare.

Arsenal vs. Tottenham Hotspur - North London derby

A lot of rivalry between the two, results are hard to predict.


Celtic vs. Rangers - Old Firm derby

This is more than a simple rivalry. It is infused with a series of complex disputes, sometimes centred on religion (Catholic and Protestant) and Northern Ireland-related politics (Loyalist and Republican). Rangers won most of these matches, but it's not a recommended bet.

Heart of Midlothian vs. Hibernian - Edinburgh derby

Teams have separate stadiums. Draws are frequent.

Dundee FC vs. Dundee United - Dundee derby

In domestic head-to-head matches Dundee United won most games. Draws are not frequent.


Bayern München vs. 1860 München - Münchner Derby

Both teams play in the Allianz Arena, but in different leagues these days.

St. Pauli vs. Hamburg

Both teams have their own stadium. The advantage of the home stadium is non-existent in these matches.

Fc Köln vs. Leverkusen

Draws are frequent when Köln plays at home. Leverkusen usually wins when playing at home.

Schalke vs. Dortmund - Ruhr District Derby

Tight matches, draws are frequent.


Lyon vs. St. Etienne

The matches between these two are tight and results are hard to predict.

Marseille, Nice, Cannes

Tight matches are played between these teams from Southern France.