Monster Villa win a wound to Wigan

2May 2013

England - Premier League


Aston Villa's mammoth win over Sunderland has huge repercussions on the Premier League's relegation picture, writes Christian Crowther...


Not even in his wildest dreams would Paul Lambert have envisaged hitting Sunderland for a half-dozen at Villa Park on Monday night.


A win was certainly the target, but a victory by five clear goals has produced a profoundly positive impact on the relegation landscape for Aston Villa, as that timely goal difference boost lifts them above Newcastle into 16th with three left to play.


A special mention should be afforded to Christian Benteke, whose outstanding match ball-scooping performance typified just what a phenomenal start the Belgian has made to life in the Premier League.


If his side do stay up, with their own chances now rated at 9.2, with Newcastle available at the same price, then keeping hold of Benteke will be the biggest challenge that they face next season.


The win leaves Wigan, who do have a game in hand against Swansea, cut adrift by five points as they now glance up at the Magpies as the bottom club of a trio also featuring Sunderland and Villa. They are separated only by goal difference on 37 points.


The Latics' price to become the third team to drop out of the top flight has understandably moved in to 1.47.


Many observers and punters alike have written Wigan off at their peril in seasons past, however, the grimness of the situation is about as bleak as it has been during their eight-season Premier League adventure.


Their FA Cup final appearance, for which Roberto Martinez and his squad deserve huge credit, could ironically be their undoing, much like happened to Birmingham when they went down despite winning the League Cup back in 2010/11.


Still, if they can win their game in hand with a Swansea team which have looked beach-bound for some time then the last day showdown with Villa could yet prove their salvation.


Even though Sunderland received the thumping on Monday night, a ten-goal advantage on Villa (and 11 on Newcastle) with two home games to play understandably makes them the outsiders in the 37-point gang at 19.5 to go down.


With two away matches from three and now the worst goal difference to boot, Newcastle look in the most danger should Wigan pick up a few wins.



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