Choosing your bet

This is the esential part of sportsbetting: choosing a game and your prediction. There are no certain bets, a lot of factors contribute to the outcome of a game, but you have to maximalize your chances (and your profit of course) and minimalize your losses.

I'll try to write a general guide that might help you make your predictions. Most of this guide is based on our Hungarian betting forum and our users' feedback.

Study the offers of bookmakers, usually the odds are different. You might find that a bookmaker offers higher odds for the same match and outcome. Some bookmakers might even offer different types of bets on the same match or it might have a better offer for in-play bets.

First of all...

There are some factors you should eliminate from your own judgement before placing a bet.

  • don't rely only on the odds when choosing a bet, I mean the smallest odds might make you think that it has more chances, but it's not always true.
  • don't let your feelings towards a team influence you in your decision (unless you're betting for fun).
  • don't rely completely on other people's predictions, try to get as much information as you can

Here are some more useful tips

  • use moneymanagement
  • use strategies
  • don't make a prediction based (only) on the bookmaker's odds
  • listen to other's oppinions, but the should always be yours
  • never let feelings influence your decision
  • a smaller odds with double chance is better than a lost betting slip
  • the less matches you put on a slip the better your chances are
  • never take time away from your family to gamble and never let your family be influenced by your losses. If this happens, STOP gambling! Don't let it become an addiction!
  • if you're serious about betting, then you should always have some money in your betting account. However this doesn't mean you should deposit every day!
  • don't bet on friendly and cup matches
  • log your wins and losses, this way you can use the data for later analysis and you can learn from previous mistakes