Standard betting

Most online bookmakers have a variety of bet tipes and lots of daily bets.

1,X,2 - the simple bet, 1 means home win, X means draw and 2 means away win

1X,X2,12 - double chance. 1X means home team wins or draw and so on.

Half Time - you bet on the outcome at half time

Halftime/Fulltime -  you bet on the outcome at halftime and at the end of the game

Halftime or Fulltime - to win your prediction must be good at half time or full time

Handicaps -  there are 2 different types of handicap bets: standard or asian handicap. When you bet using standard handicap on of the teams has an advantage. For example handicap (0-1) means the game starts with the away team leading by 1 points and you bet on the outcome based on this starting handicap. So the home team must score at least 2 points to win (final score of 2-0 in reality). Asian handicap is different, you can read more about it here. But if you bet on the away team in this case you win if the match is a draw or the away team wins, so it's more like double chance but usually the odds are a bit higher.

Under/Over - you bet on the number of goals. The usual limit is 2.5 goals for football, but it can be different. Example: you bet on under 2.5 goals. You win if there are 0, 1 or 2 goals scored. The .5 limit is used because this way there are only 2 possible outcomes: under or over.

Number of goals - similar to under/over, but with more options: no goals, at least one goal, etc.

Exact Score - you can choose from a list of possible scores.

More goals - you can choose wich part of the game will have more goals (1st or 2nd half, etc)

To score/not to score - quite obvious, you bet on a team to score/not to score

Winning margin - obvious

1st goal to score, Goal scorer - you can bet on the goal scorer (the player), or the first team to score, there are many variations of this type

Booking/Corners - you can bet on the number of yellow/red cards and the number of corners (football). Mostly available in live betting

Outrights/Specials - usually long run bets (who wins a championship, presidential elections, etc.) Unibet offers many different long term  bets.