Tips and advices

Here are some tips and advices for beginners

  • Don't wager more than you can afford.
  • There's no sure bet, you can loose a bet on a 1.01 odds.
  • Always be informed, read the news, magazines, watch tv programs etc. to make your predictions more accurate.
  • Combining a lot of events on a betting slip will increase your total odds but it will significantly lower your chances of winning that bet.
  • On some days the offer might be poor. If you can't find any matches you can predict on these days, don't bet, wait for another day.
  • Don't forget that cup matches are harder to predict (the UK cups might be an exception).
  • Some teams may use their reserve players on cup matches.
  • A new coach can make a difference for a team, some players might want to impress a new coach by doing their best.
  • It's highly recommended to use some sort of money management.