Hungarian OTP Bank Liga: PMFC- Kaposvar

OTP Bank Liga

PMFC lost last weekend against championship leader Gyori ETO (0-2), which was a paperform result. The main reason of this result was the bad weather: it was rain all day, and the field became unsuitable for the play. Both team had difficulty to play between these circumstanses. In the beginning of the game Gyor adapted to this fact better, and scored two buckshee. In the watered field could not developed a continuous play, and PMFC had no chance to play their own football. The second reason of their goalness was that Miroslav Grumic, their best striker got a little injury, and had not played. Without him PMFC could not to attack, they had only one forward Simon Attila.


Kaposvar is the simpatic looser. They play equal in their every games, but always loose. They have a good and experienced coach (Prukner Laszlo), but the club have no money. Every year they sell their best players, and buy other nonames. In this season they elaborated some talented player too, but they will be sold in the end of the season. In this year they played three games at home in a row, and won only once, against one of the worst team in the league: Lombard Papa (3-0). But in this match they also played poor, only after the 80. minute scored, one of them was a penalty, one was a counterattack and one goal from mistake at back from their opponent. Last weekend they played against Ujpest, who are in bad shape too, and lost 0-1.


It will be a hard game, because the two city (Pecs and Kaposvar) are close to each other (only 70 km). The home fans forgive everything except a lost against Kaposvar. The fans will rush into the team to the win. Two players from PMFC will be missed due to suspension (defender Balogh Bela and defending midfielder Akassou), but the chances of PMFC are good with the return of Miroslav Grumic. If he will play, PMFC win surely! If he will not to play, the chances are forming equally. Don't forgive that at autumn PMFC played 1-1 in Kaposvar, but they led all game, just the end of the match equalized Haruna. All in all, I wait a home win, but it depend on Grumic's play.


Odds: 1.54
Bookie: Unibet
Stake: 7/10


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