Serbian Superleague: Radnicki 1923 vs Smederevo


Radnicki must win this game as they are on -4 from relegation zone. They still have good players like Fejsa, Tintor, Pavlovic, Otasevic, Beljic, Simovic, Spalevic, Petrovic. Good thing is that they played very good against Zvezda 3 days ago altought they lost 2-0. They conceded naive goals but they got on selfconfiedence. Important thing is that their best player striker Spalevic is with team again as he was fined by board. Bad news is that goalkeeper Cancarevic will probably miss this game, same as important defenders Tintor and his backup Rosic but they have good subs to replace them. Midfielders Pejcic and Simovic are out also.  

Smederevo is in 2nd league with one leg already. Their chances to survire are about 0% and they are the worst team without doubts. For the past 20 games has only one victory, six draws and 13 defeats. In the 20 matches they gave only 9 goals. Still, they are showing fighting spirit altought club is near bankrupt. Finance are the main problem. There are no sponsors and players slowly are leaving the team. For example couple rounds ago, Smederevo had no goalkeepers available for meeting with FC Rad so Srdjan Soldatovic who is goalie coach started the game.


Important game for hosts while visitors wont be so motivated here. Big difference in quallity and after good game against Zvezda, morale for Radnicki's players raised while for Smederevo's going down from week to week as they still waiting for their salaries. How much is important this match is indicated by the fact that the entrance to the stadium will be free to make as many fans coming to the stadium. Motives in this game will have plenty because in the team Smederevo is a large number of former players Radnicki 1923 (Ivan Bozovic, Marko Ristic, Dragan Radosavljevic, Milos Djordjevic, Filip Osman, Predrag Sikimic, Igor Krmar, Nenad Stojakovic, Danko Opancina and Milan Vukasinovic).


Pick: Radnicki 1923
Odds: 1.45
Bookie: FortunaWin
Stake: 7/10


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