Why Asian View will improve live soccer betting

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All customers now have access to our Asian View layout, and we’re excited about the enhancements this should bring, especially for live soccer bettors. So as we  approach the Champions League Final we’re focusing on those aspects of Asian View that will appeal specifically to live soccer bettors.

Bet Slip – Faster wager processing


The most obvious change between Asian View and Classic (referring to the default website view) is the addition of a Bet Slip. The Bet Slip replaces the Bet  Confirmation process from the Classic Site. This provides the immediate benefit of a faster betting process, which is acutely relevant to live soccer bettors where  speed is critical.


Updating Odds – One click acceptance


One concern we received from bettors regarding the Classic Site is the way in which changing odds are handled during the bet process – which proved a hindrance to live  soccer betting.


With Asian View the additional benefit of the Bet Slip allows odds to automatically update without any need to renew the process of making your selection. You just  need to click once to accept the updated odds and continue to place your bet.


Payout & Limits – The important details


The Asian View Bet Slip can either calculate your potential Payout based on the amount you want to Risk/Stake or calculate your Risk/Stake based on the amount you want  To Win (potential Payout). Both options are calculated on the fly.


The maximum available Bet Limit for the specific market is displayed at the base of the Bet Slip, which is another very important detail. Pinnacle Sports prides itself  on offering some of the highest soccer betting limits in the industry and the Champions League final is no different with the pre-game limit anticipated to reach  $500k.


This is one illustration of how our fundamental principals remain despite significant changes in presentation.


If you hold accounts with other bookmakers, ask yourself whether they display limits.

And if they do how they compare with Pinnacle Sports, especially for live soccer.


Menu Logic – All live soccer action in on place


Another feature that live soccer bettors will appreciate with Asian View, when compared with the Classic site, is the menu logic. The structure is based on a top level  of main Sports categories followed by a choice of Time periods for when events happen, rather than the league-by-league taxonomy of the Classic view.


Live is therefore a main category under Soccer (alongside Today & Early) within which you can view all current live soccer offerings – indicated by the number in  brackets. If however you wish to drill down to view only a select number of leagues you can easily do so by choosing the ‘Select Leagues’ option.


You maybe surprised by the number of live soccer markets we offer.

Simple, Single & Double Lines – You Choose


The name Asian View refers to the preferred way to bet within Asia, which focuses predominantly on handicap options. As a result the Asian View defaults to a Simple  Line odds display, which means that you see only the available Game level Handicap and Total options on one line.


However, as we appreciate that bettors’ preference vary from region to region you can choose from two alternative view options:


Single Line – This offers the same options as Simple but with the addition 1st Half, Handicap and Total options on the same line.


Double Line – This is popular with European bettors as it includes 1×2’s and displays the odds on multiple lines. If the 1×2 is your primary focus you can  alternatively select Moneyline from the main menu and see just the Home, Draw & Away odds for your chosen league selections.


Timezone & Results – Small but important details


A less prominent feature of Asian View that will nonetheless improve your experience is the ability to choose the Time Zone that the betting menu works to. This  ensures that you can plan your betting schedule around your local time settings so won’t miss a minute of the betting action.


Asian View also provides access to historical results so you can check on how your bets have done or use information to inform your betting decisions.


What stays the same?


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