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These are our online betting guides and howtos for beginners. We'll keep posting new guides here.

How to analyse a football game?

Football is definitely the most popular sport among bettors (it's soccer for Americans). Anybody who has watched a couple of football games can think about some basic predictions, but there's more to it. Actual form This is one of the most important factors. Look at both teams' performance and consider the last 5 matches of each team. If a team won the last 4-5 games, bookmakers lower their odds. Every team has good and bad series. One team might have a series of losses but then something might change and they improve. This is what you have to notice before their odds get lower. Injured and banned players It's important to know about injuries and players banned from a team's next game. Both factors can completely change a team's performance and this can be used in your advantage. This information is available on the Internet and can be obtained fast. Do your research. The importance of a particular match Some matches

Local derbys

The term local derby, or simply just derby means a fixture between two, generally local, rivals. The outcome of these matches can often be hard to predict and surprises are frequent (e.g. the weaker team wins). Italy AS Roma vs. Lazio Roma Both teams play in the same stadium and there's always chaos in the stadium when these two rivals meet. Draws are frequent. Ac Milan vs. Inter Milan San Siro (Giusseppe Meazza) is the stadium used by both teams. The outcomes of these matches are hard to predict. Ac Torino vs. Juventus Torino Same stadium is used by both teams. Draws are rare between these two. Even though Juventus is a stronger team, Ac Torino can cause them some headaches. Sampdoria vs. Genoa Draws are frequent between these two. Spain Atletico Madrid vs. Real Madrid This is called the "Madrid Derby". Both teams have their own stadium. It's usually hard to predict the out